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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions by current and prospective clients.

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Current Client Questions:

How can I make changes to the appearance of my home and landscaping?
I have the governing documents but I don’t understand what I need to read and know.
I received a letter of violation, and have sent in the written response as instructed. How do I know when the violation is closed?
I didn’t receive a bill. How can I pay my assessment?
How should I report an issue to my property manager
I have a separate mailing address from the property. How can I change the address on record if I move?

Prospective Client Questions:

What should I expect from NPG’s professional management?
How is the transition of management to NPG handled?
How much time will have to be devoted to managing the property?
How does Northeast Property Group work with and select its vendors?
What is there to lose selecting Northeast Property Group?