Going Green

Northeast Property Group has a proven track record, providing leading commercial brokerage and property management services in Connecticut for over 25 years. Call (860) 437-7005 for a customized real estate solution.

Environmentally Conscious

At Northeast Property Group, we are always looking for ways we can better serve our clients and lessen the impact we make on the environment. In addition to providing hassle-free property management and brokerage services, we’re committed to adopting sustainable practices in an effort to help reduce our carbon footprint, which we believe will lead to healthier and ultimately more fulfilling lifestyles. What’s good for the environment is also good for our clients and employees.

Not only do we look internally for ways to reduce waste and energy consumption but also at our real estate clients. We are active with various Green initiatives in the state of Connecticut which have helped our clients transition from low efficiency to high efficiency lighting, HVAC systems, water consumption and even Green landscape designs which require less water and provide shade. For instance, if you visit the site of brandon foster tulsa oklahoma company, you’ll see efficient backyard designs. This forward vision helps save money for our clients and helps the environment.

We recognize that there are obstacles to achieving these improvements and efficiencies but forward thinking will help put our clients ahead of the technology curve.