Maintenance Guides

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Some helpful guides on how to maintain your real estate

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Foundation and Floor Frame
About the Foundation, Understanding Fungus, Avoiding Moisture Under Your Home, Being Wise About Cracks, Brick and Block Foundations, Repairing a Squeaky Floor, Leveling Your Floors
Your Roof and Siding
Your Roof, The Impact of Ice, Finding a Leak, Minding Your Gutter, Understanding Siding
Windows, Doors and Insulation
Saving Energy with Insulation, Windows and Screens , Doors and Hardware
Decks, Fencing, and Walls
Preserving Your Wood Deck and Structures, Roof Deck, Fencing, Wood Retaining Walls
Swimming Pool
The Pump, The Skimmer , The Filter, The Heater, Pool Covers, Keeping Your Pool Clean, Winterizing Your Pool, Beginning of Pool Season, Balancing Pool Water
Landscape Irrigation
Your Sprinklers, Risers, Connecting the Pipes, Anti-siphon Valve, Winterizing Systems
Ornamental Iron
The Problems of Rust, Shielding Your Metals, Removing Rust
Walkways, Patios and Driveways
Cement and Concrete, Cleaning Concrete, Patching Cracking Concrete, Repairing Steps, Sealing Concrete, Polishing Concrete with Paint, Masonry
Your Plumbing System
Types of Pipes, Replacing a Damaged Section of Threaded Pipe, Preventing Freezing Water Pipes,Temporary Pipe Leak Fixes, Quieting Noisy Water Pipes, Turning off Your Water Main, Water Heater,Softening Your Water, Well Basics
Plumbing Fixtures
Easy Surface Maintenance of Fixtures, Cleaning Your Faucet, Toilets, Maintaining Tubs and Showers
Your Drain and Waste System
Sewer System Basics, Keeping Your System Clog-free
Heating, Ventilating, and Cooling
Heating Systems, Air Conditioner, Ventilation
Fundamental Fireplace Facts, Maintaining Your Fireplace, Fireplace Cracks, Dealing with the Damper,Caring for the Outside of Your Chimney, Cleaning a Soot-covered Brick Fireplace Face, Cleaning Glass Doors and Screens
Walls and Ceilings
Drywall Cracks, Putting the Stop on Nail Pops, Filling Holes, Plaster, Interior Painting, Maintaining Walls and Ceilings, Making Paneling Look Like New, Wallpaper
Household Appliances
Gas and Electricity, Cleaning is Job One, Range Tops, The Oven, Range Hood, Microwave Maintenance, Dishwashers, Refrigerators and Freezers, Garbage Disposals, Trash Compactors,Washing Machines, Electric and Gas Clothes Dryers
Cabinets and Countertops
Keeping Cabinets Looking Great, Countertop Maintenance
Ceramic Tiles, Vinyl, Linoleum, Torginol, Care for Terrazzo, Laminate, Keeping Wood Healthy,Keeping Carpet Clean
Household Safety
Fire Safety, Carbon Monoxide Danger in the Home, Guarding Against Natural Disasters, Gas Line Safety Tips, Maintaining Burglar Alarms, Automatic Garage Door Openers, Electrical Safety, Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters
Shutting Down Your Home
Water Floods, Your Turn-off Checklist, Preventing Break-ins, Making it Look like You’re at Home, Long-term Considerations