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  1. Jim Royer
    Jim Royer03-07-2010

    Hello my name is Jim Royer, Im am contacting you in regards to The Lighthouse Inn in New London. As you may know, the Lighthouse Inn has for years been rumored to be haunted, it was featured on SYFY Channels show “Ghosthunters”. I am part of a group called C.P.E.A.R (Ct paranormal encounters and research) A few of our members have been featured on A&E”s show “Phychic Kids”. We’ve also conducted many lectures and seminars around the state of CT. Please feel free to browse our web site . We are asking for you’re permission to do an Investigation at The Lighthouse Inn, please contact me (Jim) @ 860-949-2488 Thank you for you’re time Sincerely, JIm Royer

  2. Chris Myers
    Chris Myers03-15-2010

    Thanks for the interest Jim. You should call 860-437-7005 and speak to George Myers who is the property manager / receiver for the Lighthouse Inn.

    PS- I have been in various areas of this beautiful building’s basements and smaller rooms and let’s just say that responding to a call out in the middle of the night when the building is vacant isn’t a favorite thing to do.