Attention Property Owners and Residents:

As Hurricane Sandy approaches, we have put together a list of resources with preparedness strategies & tips to help you get through the storm as safely as possible. This storm is anticipated to be one of the worst storms CT has seen in many years and should not be taken lightly. If you live in a coastal property, please be aware that your local fire and police may be requesting you evacuate the area.

In addition to the links above, we recommend the following preparedness tips for your homes & personal safety.

Exterior Preparations

  • Remove and store in a secure manner exterior patio furnishings that may get blown around. Remove patio umbrellas from their base, stack chairs together and possibly even turn patio tables upside down.
  • Remove and place on the ground items such as hanging flower pots, wind chimes, etc. These items can become air borne and cause damage to the buildings, vehicles or possibly even strike a person.
  • Look for any other items that may get blown around and become potentially damaging missiles and secure them.
  • If you have electrical garage door openers, disconnect them so you can access them in case of power outages.
  • If your basement has a history of flooding, please remove belongings to higher ground.

Personal Preparation

  • Make certain you have a working flash light, battery powered radio and extra batteries. A battery powered lantern for area lighting is infinitely safer than candles.
  • If you must use candles please do not leave a candle burning in a room that is not occupied.
  • Fill your gas tank in case of wide spread power outages. You may also wish to make certain the tank on your outdoor grill has enough gas for several days.
  • Purchase that extra bag or two of ice now and place in your freezer if you have the room. If the power does go out refrain from repeatedly opening the refrigerator. Fill empty space in the refrigerator with containers of water. The fuller the refrigerator or freezer the longer it will remain cold.
  • Keep your cell phone charged. Have a regular phone that does not require electric power to operate on hand.

Please keep in mind that the severe weather may impact our ability to communicate with you directly by phone & email. In cases of true emergency, please contact your local police and fire department.

Following the storm, our full staff will be out evaluating our properties and will be on call.


If your unit suffers damage, please be aware that little if anything can be done until the storm has passed. All staff at Northeast Property Group will be on call this weekend to help assist our properties.

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