Below are some of our most frequently asked questions by current and prospective clients.

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Current Client Questions:

Depending on the community you live in, you may be required to complete an ARC application (Architectural Application Form). If you live in a Landscape Maintenance Association (LMA), typically you do not have these requirements, except when under developer control. The approval process varies from community to community. Please refer to your governing documents or feel free to contact us at 860-437-7005 for more detailed information.

It is encouraged that every homeowner read through their governing documents to further acclimate themselves to their community. The Use Restriction section of your documents is the section that is typically used as the reference point for non-compliance issues. If your community has Rules and Regulations, these policies will further define some of the items referred to in the Use Restriction section.

The violation is closed at the determination of the Board of Directors for your community, following the next inspection period, which is generally every 30 days. The Board also conducts random inspections throughout this period and may determine that the violation is ongoing. All responses must be in writing (fax or email is OK).

There are many ways that you may pay your assessment:You may pay online via your community website or NPG’s website at

You may enroll in Northeast Property Group’s Sure Pay ACH Program for automatic withdraw.
You may bring in your payment to the Northeast Property Group Office at 150 Eugene O’Neill Dr. in New London, CT.
Depending on your association, you may receive a monthly statement or a coupon booklet at the beginning of the year. If you have a balance due on the account after your association’s late date, then a late statement will be sent to the address we have on file. If you recently purchased your home, coupons are ordered upon receipt of the closing documents from escrow and are automatically sent to the mailing address listed on the sales deed. Please allow 4-6 weeks for coupons to be received.

To file a complaint or notify your property manager of an issue that needs to be inspected, please do so in writing, which aids management and the Board of Directors for documentation purposes. Please provide your name, phone and address of issue. You may request copies of inspection reports and complaints pertaining to your home but please allow 24-48 hours for processing your request.

Prospective Client Questions:

As one of the most experienced full service real estate companies in Connecticut, we provide services to clients not attainable from most other management companies. Northeast Property Group’s professional management services include continuity of on-site operations, single source accountability, and multiple levels of expertise, price stability, buying power, diversified services and proven operating procedures.
Upon being awarded the management contract for your property, Northeast Property Group immediately initiates the transition process. This is neither a difficult nor time-consuming event for the client. We will arrange for the pick-up and delivery of all files from your current management company. A “start-up” team reviews your books, records, contracts and existing operating procedures. Unit information and account balances are entered into our database so that billing statements and reports may be generated right away. Your Manager will inspect all common area components and an action plan is developed and presented to the Board.

Although an owner or Board ultimately has final authority and responsibility for the operation of the property, Northeast Property Group assists the in its decision-making by providing pertinent, comprehensive, monthly financial and management reports, identifying qualified contractors, developing bid specifications, and supervising maintenance and repairs. We compare bids from competing vendors and recommend the one, which will best meet the property’s needs. All of these functions help reduce the amount of time required in the day-to-day operations. We believe your time is best spent on matters pertaining to building community.

Absolutely nothing. There are minimal start-up fees and no termination fees. In effect, the property benefits from the resources of our organization, professional management expertise, proven procedures and internal controls.