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Top reasons for choosing Northeast Property Group for your real estate needs.
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  • Commitment to Our Clients As one of the most experienced full service real estate companies in Connecticut, we are committed to providing services not attainable by most other real estate companies and ensuring our clients are completely satisfied with the quality of our property services. We will customize our management solutions to your unique needs and will evaluate their effectiveness in an ongoing effort to provide exceptional value and dedication to each client.
  • Quick Response to Issues Our expertise is available 365 days a year and we strive to respond to every call or issue within 24 hours and within an hour for emergencies. Our company is large enough to provide staff redundancy while still maintaining a hands on approach.
  • Ability to Listen Communication is crucial to any management relationship. We pride ourselves on really listening to our clients. We integrate their objectives into our performance strategies to accomplish their goals. We take a proactive approach and search out solutions rather than a reactive approach that would imply we only work on new ideas when told to do so. We are always accessible and we return phone calls promptly.
  • 40+ Years Experience Our firm is at its foundation, a company of 8 property managers with over 100 years combined experience in property management and real estate service.
  • 24/7 In-house Maintenance Our maintenance department is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year to provide licensed, insured, experienced and knowledgeable expertise. Our staff also has the ability to oversee the bidding process, and supervise the improvement work. We pride ourselves on coming in on or under budget.
  • Accurate & Complete Reporting Reviews of our monthly operating reports enables an owner to analyze the site’s performance very easily. We thoroughly review the same information and refine our strategies to effect further improvement.
  • Size We have the organizational ability and staff to assume management of any sized property throughout the state of Connecticut on any given day. We have been very successful in taking over large portfolios at one time across all property types, including industrial, commercial, apartment, condominium and REO/receivership properties.
  • Established Reputation Northeast Property Group was formed as Myers Northeast in 1990 and we have established ourselves as a regional leader in real estate service and property management.
  • Ability to Reduce Expenses Through our insurance bidding, training programs and competitive contractor bidding processes, we can reduce expenses wherever practical to do so.
  • Fully Licensed & Insured We realize there is a major exposure if we are not meeting the requirements of regulatory agencies. We analyze each regulation, determine what needs to be done to be in compliance and set checks and balances in place to ensure continued compliance.
  • We Are a People Business  The residents at our communities represent a wide cross-section of cultures. We realize that each resident comes with a different set of needs. It is our goal to employ staff that enjoys working with that diversity and we hire key management personnel who excel at dealing with the human element.

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