Managing Data Centers in Connecticut

As the number of data centers being developed, bought and sold throughout the United States rapidly grows to meet the demand of consumers and big data providers, Northeast Property Group is uniquely suited to provide full property management and leasing services to locations throughout Connecticut and Rhode Island thanks to our extensive property management and high tech real estate experience over the last 30+ years.

Always one to embrace technology and the emerging trends in the real estate industry, our executive and management team are prepared to meet the robust real estate demands of Tier 1-4 data centers who are providing the cloud-compute backbone for providers such as Amazon’s AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google’s Cloud data services.

Our customized management capabilities include full asset management and financial budgeting, facility maintenance including HVAC, electrical services, daily utility monitoring, building security, and janitorial services. With a single point of contact and support team, Northeast Property Group will pay close attention to the details demanded by data centers to help avoid inefficiencies and neglect which can drive up operational costs and potential down time.

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George Myers, CPM