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Capital Project Stonington Borough

Stonington Borough, CT: Northeast Property Group announced today that it is overseeing a multi-phased $6.3 million capital project for the Stonington Yacht Club, Stonington Commons and Trumbull Atwood Condominium Associations in the historic Stonington Borough, located in Stonington, CT.

Phase I of the capital project’s construction is currently underway: a $4 million replacement of 75% of the windows, doors and sliders on buildings throughout the waterfront site. The upgraded replacements will improve the energy efficiency and remedy specific cases of water infiltration into the building. Led by Senior Property Manager Richard Stern, Northeast Property Group has assisted the Board of Directors and Association Ownership in overseeing the project manager, site construction and acting as a liaison to residents and visitors while the improvement project continues into 2014 with additional phases.

Stonington Commons and Trumbul Atwood are luxury condominiums located in the historic Stonington Borough in Stonington, CT. Northeast Property Group is a full service real estate firm specializing in commercial brokerage and property management in Connecticut.

Image Gallery of the Project

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